Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kid's Pick: Little Tykes Super Chef Kitchen

The Little Tykes Play Kitchen is a Kid's Top Choice!

Is your toddler up, walking and into just about EVERYTHING? That means it is time to buy them a play kitchen! A play kitchen is a rite of passage for both boys and girls, and there's almost no way for parents to avoid it - no matter how small your living space.

When my daughter was small, I tried to find a more modern, understated play kitchen which would be less obtrusive in our living room. But I have to admit, no play kitchen keeps the kids engaged as well as this one by Little Tykes. With doors that open and realistic features like knobs that turn, faucet and "stainless steel" look accents, the kids will love copying mom and dad in their kid sized version of the home kitchen.

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Size wise, this kitchen is perfect for small spaces and fits nicely in a corner so you can keep more space open for play. See what other parents have to say about this toy by reading Amazon's Verified Purchaser reviews.

By Meagan on October 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
"For the price, this kitchen is great. I got it for my son last Christmas right around when he was turning 2. He still plays with it, asking if I want coffee and cake all the time. I really enjoys it. My son has a small playroom that's originally a dining room. Seeing as this kitchen fits in the corner, it's great for space, leaving plenty of room for a table, chairs, and a shelf I'm using for his 'toy box.' I plan on adding a train table to his room this year and with the size of the kitchen there will be plenty of room to move around."

Parents love this kitchen and how well it keeps their kids occupied Many have stated that they definitely get their money's worth with this top toy. Click here to read more reviews and purchase this play kitchen on Amazon.

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