Friday, May 1, 2015

Love Your Clarisonic Facial Brush?

Don't Overpay for Clarisonic Brush Head Replacements!

clarisonic replacement heads imitation
Do you love your Clarisonic original or Mia face cleaner? This amazing product is like getting a facial every time you use it. I love mine to death, but for some reason, once the head starts getting ratty I put it away and stop using it. A few weeks or even months later, when my face is breaking out non-stop and I can't figure out what to do to stop it, I finally cave in and spend the $44 that the department stores charge for replacement heads.
Well, this evening after spending way too much time trying to figure out WHY my skin is behaving so badly, I finally had the AHA moment once again. I haven't been using my Clarisonic. Duh, ok, and off I went to Amazon to order those replacement heads. Finally prepared to shell out the big bucks required for perfect skin to once again be mine.
Imagine my utter shock...and delight, when my search for Clarisonic Replacement Heads on Amazon turned up these babies!

These completely affordable brush heads which are compatible with ALL Clarisonic brushes (the original as well as the Mia versions)are super affordable and come in multi-packs so you can even try our "Deep Cleaning" and "Sensitive Skin" varieties without the investment the department store prices require.

I ordered a bunch online tonight, so stay tuned for my review of these great Clarisonic brush head alternatives!

Update: These brush heads arrived 2 weeks ago and are even better than I expected. I have been using them twice a day since then, and the sensitive heads have been great. Usually I have to take a break from the Clarisonic during the warmer months when my skin is more sensitive, but I have not even had to. Definitely a winner in my book. Order yours now.

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