Friday, September 22, 2017

Pottery Barn Style Brick Bathroom

Pottery Barn Style for a Brick Bathroom Remodel

I love the look of this brick wall bathroom with a classic vanity console from Pottery Barn. The rustic brick wall is tempered with a half-wall of bead board and chair rail, and the roughness of the brick contrasts beautifully with the cool, grey veined cararra marble counter top and floor. It's a look that somehow just works - but for a price.

KBC Bella Vanity - a less costly version of the PB Custom Classic Double Console
Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune to get this pricey vanity from Pottery Barn (it starts at $2699 without hardware!) when you can order the Bella Vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection on Amazon. Kitchen Bath Collection has been selling replica PB style vanities on Amazon for years and has a trove of positive customer reviews to back them up. This 60" double vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection with wood frame construction, a cararra marble countertop, double under mount sinks and chrome gooseneck faucets sells for only $1,403. Right there, you've saved $1,296 on your bathroom renovation. Lets look at accessories!

Moen T6620 Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Widespread Bathroom Faucet

As I said above, the vanity comes complete with 2 gooseneck faucets. But, if you're trying to copy the look pictured above to a T, replace the gooseneck faucet with this somewhat more contemporary Brantford low-arc widespread faucet in chrome from Moen. 

White framed bathroom mirrors from Kitchen Bath Collection are a perfect match
The white framed mirrors make a cool calming contrast to the vibrant brick wall. I'd snap up two of these from Kitchen Bath Collection in a frame finish which matches their white painted vanities instead of driving myself crazy looking for the same look locally. 

A classic, affordable train rack from Moen

One of my favorite elements in this bathroom is not even in the picture. But if you look closely, you can see the reflection of a chrome towel rack in the mirror above the sink, This is a great accessory for any bathroom and imparts a luxury, hotel feel - especially when you load it up with neatly rolled fluffy white towels. This version from Moen is priced just right at under $100 and has 130 customer reviews on Amazon to vouch for it.

Moen Iso Chrome Towel Ring
There's nothing better than a well placed towel in the bathroom to dry off after washing your hands. These inexpensive Iso towel rings by Moen come in at $15 in a matching shiny chrome finish. The bead board trim makes them easy to install. I suggest you order 2 of these - you'll be glad! (Plus, it will keep your beautiful marble countertop clutter free!)

I love the vintage industrial look of the pendant lights in this designer bathroom remodel. To get that look for less, I picked out these pendant lights with chrome trim and milk glass shades from Elk. Customer reviews on this pendant light are good and buyers report that the lights are sturdy and well made. Hanging three of them over a double vanity - one on each side and the third directly down the middle - should provide adequate lighting for the vanity area. A secondary lighting source over the bathtub or toilet area may be necessary for sufficient lighting throughout, depending on the size of your bathroom.

Love this Look? Let me know in the comments if you tried it in your home!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Top Kid-Friendly Space Heaters

Top Space Heaters for Baby Nursery

Keeping the Kids Warm and Safe This Winter

With home heating costs as high as they are—often too high to heat the whole house—many parents ask themselves, "What is the best way to keep the kids snug at night?" As adults, we are often most comfortable turning the thermostat down at night and snuggling under the covers. Some of us bring our small children into our own rooms or even our own beds. But many want their babies and toddlers to have a warm and cozy room of their own.

Space heaters usually save money compared to built-in heaters because they only use enough energy to heat the room that you are using. Modern space heaters can be made safe enough to use in a child's room. If this is the route you want to go, you'll want an electric heater, either portable or wall-mounted.

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Safety Features to Look for on Space Heaters for Use Near Children

VornadoBaby Space Heater Reviews
Vornadobaby Heater with Crib-side Climate Control
Although it's questionable to use a space heater in your child's room while you are sleeping, you can use one where he or she plays or naps. Look for the following features in a heater for use around small children:
  • Cool surface temperature. A ceramic heating element, if it has a large surface area or is enclosed in a large container, can be kept cool enough not to burn a probing finger, even at its hottest setting.
  • A safety switch that turns the heater off if it falls over, or gets knocked over.
  • A switch that turns the heater off if its temperature exceeds a certain limit (that is, a thermostat, or something that works like a thermostat).
  • If the heater has a fan to circulate air, the grate around the fan should have small enough openings to keep fingers away from the fan.
  • If the heater is to be wall-mounted, you need a place to install it high enough up so that the warm surface and the controls are out of reach.

Two Good Portable Heaters for Use Near Children

Based on safety features and customer reviews, here are the top two space heaters recommended for use in baby or children's rooms.

1. Vornadobaby Sunny Nursery Heater
The Vornadobaby Sunny Nursery Heater is Made for Babies and Kids Rooms

This may be your best choice for a portable electric heater to use around kids. The entire Vornadobaby line of heating, cooling and conditioning appliances are made with children in mind. A tip-over switch will immediately cut power if the unit tips over, and its coil-free design means a cool-touch exterior even after hours of operation, making it safe for little fingers. A locking control panel allows you to set the temperature and not worry about curious fingers changing those settings. Plus, all Vornadobaby products come with a Happy Parent 5-Year Guarantee which means a lot coming from this well-respected home appliance company.

2. DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

The Delonghi Mica Panel Heater is available on Amazon and has 100s of customer reviews

This is one of the best wall-mountable flat panel heaters for use around kids. Panel heaters with a mica or ceramic element provide quiet heat without any fans or blowers. These heaters can be set on the floor, or mounted on the wall, keeping them and their cords out of reach. Safety features include an internal tip-over switch which will turn it off if it falls over. Like the Vornado heater above, this DeLonghi mica panel heater puts out considerable heat (1500 watts), but unlike the Vornado, it has no fan to circulate the heat. Nevertheless, the front panel remains warm, not hot, to the touch, keeping little fingers safe.

We have had a DeLonghi panel heater in my son's room since he was a baby and it has provided quick, quiet, and comfortable heat on demand. It's no wonder his room is our favorite place to play, read, and cuddle once the weather gets cold.

More Top-Rated Portable Heater Models

Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini-Tower Ceramic Heater

The Sunpentown tower heater is a small ceramic heating unit with two settings that can heat a small room easily despite its small size. Read the many satisfied customer reviews on to see why this one is a favorite. Plus, it is super cute and brings a pop of color to your room! This orange space heater would look so cute in my little boy's modernistic bedroom. 

Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini-Tower Ceramic Heater
This mini tower can heat your room and add a pop of unexpected color, too! Buy Now

Buy the DeLonghi Safeheat 1500W Heater on Amazon

This basic, portable space heater option from Delonghi moves easily from the playroom to the bedroom

The Delonghi SafeHeat ceramic heater packs a lot of features into a portable space heater that can travel with you from room to room. Safe, quiet ceramic heat will warm your room while safety features like auto-shutoff prevent the unit from overheating, and little fingers cannot get into the closely spaced grille. No need to put this unit away in the summer months - just put it into fan mode to cool off your room!

Stadler Anna Heater

A Modern, Standing Heater

The Anna Heater by Stadler has minimalist good looks which blend into any space. Easily mistaken for a stereo speaker, this heater features safety features such as a self-regulating ceramic heating element and shut-off switch in case the unit should tip over.
Once you put one in your child's bedroom, don't be surprised if you want another for your family room, living room or office. This unobtrusive design is great for modern and contemporary spaces.
Want to see more space heaters with sleek, modern styling? Click here.

Stadler Form Anna Heater
Need your space heater to look hot while keeping your room warm? Pick the ANNA from Stadler.


Econo-Heat Flat Panel Heater

Need a wall mounting space heater for unobtrusive warmth year round? Then Econo-Heat is for you.

Energy efficient and Silent

Econo-Heat fits the whole checklist of must-haves for a safe space heater for a child's bedroom or nursery.

Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater, White
  • Econo-heat mounts on the wall so there are no cords to worry about.
  • Econo-heat is virtually silent
  • Econo-heat is energy efficient, using only 120V
  • Econo-heat can be painted to blend into your room
  • Econo-heat gets top reviews from satisfied customers
So check out this top seller and get yours before they sell out on Amazon for the winter.
Read the many satisfied customer reviews of the Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater at

Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater, White
This popular wall-mounting space heater can be painted to blend into your space. Act fast, when the weather gets cool, this space heater tends to sell out quickly.

Is It Okay to Leave The Heater On While You Sleep?

For years, experts have recommended against leaving an electric heater unattended in a child's room. Consumer Reports says it’s safest to keep little kids away from space heaters. “Don’t leave an electric heater unattended when it’s plugged in.” Children have been injured and killed in accidents caused by space heaters. A space heater’s thermostat can get stuck and overheat the room to a dangerous temperature; a heater can set bedding and other materials on fire if it is too close to them. Hot elements can burn a child who touches them.

Some parents would go to sleep with a space heater on in a child's room, but most wouldn't. You can't be sure that electric heaters and their safety features will function perfectly; short circuits and manufacturing defects happen. Appliances nowadays have more safety features than they used to but aren't necessarily manufactured any better.

Safety Rules for Space Heaters

Here are some things that you should clearly NEVER do if you use a space heater, according to Consumer Reports and the National Fire Protection Association:
  • Never use an electric heater that isn’t “Underwriter’s Laboratory” certified, that is, that doesn’t have a "UL" sticker on the bottom.
  • Except in a real emergency like a massive power outage, don’t use a portable fuel-burning heater indoors—this goes for gas, kerosene, or coal—because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Never drape things (like wet clothes) over a heater to dry them. They very often catch fire.
  • Do not use a heater within three feet of anything combustible such as bedspreads, curtains, or clothes.
  • Never set a portable heater on a high surface where it could fall down onto something that could burn.
  • Never let an electric heater get wet.
  • Don’t put the cord of an electric heater under the carpet where it can get trampled and worn; keep it visible.
  • Don’t overload your electric outlets, which could cause a fire. It's safest not to plug a second device into the same outlet or extension cord as a heater.

Ready to Buy? Shop the Top Selling Space Heaters on Amazon Now.

Need a humidifier or air purifier made for the nursery? Learn more about the full Vornadobaby line here.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Freestanding Tubs with Deck Mount Faucets

Save Money with a Deck Mount Tub

Love the look of a freestanding tub but afraid it will push your renovation budget over the edge? While the price of freestanding tubs has come down in recent years, it's the hardware that can put you over the top. The price of a floor-standing tub filler can easily run upwards of $300. An easy hack to save some money? Finding a freestanding tub that can use a deck mounted tub filler. Here are some options.

Sax 5 ft. Freestanding Reversible Drain Bathtub in White by Maax  
The tub pictured in the photo above was installed in a shower - the perfect application when you're short on space but want to incorporate a freestanding tub and shower into your bathroom. A deck mounting the tub filler frees up much needed floorspace. Because this tub has a wide rim, your installer can drill holes to install the tub filler directly on the rim just like in the photo above.

You can order this Sax 5ft acrylic tub on Amazon here.

Woodbridge 67" Acrylic Freestanding Tub

Woodbridge 67" B-0002 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking Tub
This contemporary freestanding tub by Woodbridge is another great option when you're looking for an affordable acrylic tub AND want the ability to deck mount your faucet hardware. With a 31/4" lip there is adequate space for holes to be drilled for this application - once again, saving you money on your remodel or new bath.

Read the customer reviews as well as Questions and Answers on this product listing on Amazon here.

Ariel AM128JDCLZ Bath Whirlpool Tub

Ariel AM128JDCLZ Bath Whirlpool Tub, Rounded Front
If you're looking for a jets and whirlpool - take a look at this model by Ariel. This jetted tub includes 14 jets and chromotherapy lighting effects as well as hardware integrated into the deck. Just make sure you have an outlet nearby as this tub does require electricity to operate its multiple features. Also, the back side has a visible access panel and is flat, not rounded - so you'll want to make sure this one backs up to a wall, and a shower installation is probably not feasible with the electrical requirements.

Read reviews and questions about the Ariel Whirlpool tub on Amazon here.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Considering the Kohler Brockway Sink? Read these Tips First

Modern Industrial Style for Your Bath

Have you fallen in love with the Kohler Brockway sink? It's a great look, with very few imitations. While I usually try to find my readers an alternative solution to find the look they love for less, when it comes to the Brockway I have to say, just go for it.

However, there are lots of questions that come up when it comes to installing a Brockway sink, so read on for my answers about faucets, plumbing, painting and more.

My favorite use for this sink is in a kids bathroom. Here's why I think the Kohler Brockway is perfect for use in a children's bathroom - especially a shared bathroom.

  • A wall mounted sink is perfect for tucking away those step stools that would otherwise clutter up your bathroom.
  • The Brockway 2-faucet style fits into smaller bathrooms when you're kids share a bedtime but don't want to share sinks.
  • There's even a 3-faucet style for larger families.
  • No wooden cabinet for your kids to drop water and toothpaste all over and completely ruin faster than you can say "Remodel".
  • No counter top to wipe up toothpaste blobs from...ever!

One of the most common questions people have about the Brockway sink is "How do you paint it?" Luckily, you have a few options. Most buyers simply paint with an oil based pain in the color of their choosing (just be careful, this can get messy!). You can use a semi-gloss or flat finish depending on the look you're going for. For those who are perfectionists and want a perfect finish, powder coating is an option and can be done at your local auto body shop.

Love the red barn lighting? Here's an affordable option from Amazon.

Leaving the Brockway in its original black finish creates a striking, industrial modern statement which looks great paired with rustic elements like this rough wood timber shelf. Here's one you can buy online from Etsy.

We found the lowest price for the 3-faucet Kohler Brockway sink on Amazon. Click here to shop and read the customer review.

You can wall-mount a shelf underneath your Brockway sink for extra storage, like in the photo above. This is a great place to store rolled up towels, extra toilet paper and more. Pick teak or eucalyptus for a wood that wont't warp or decay in the damp environment of your bath. Just make sure you install after you're P-traps and in so you don't mount it too high up.

Inexpensive schoolhouse pendant lights are also easy to find on Amazon.

Chrome P-Traps
Kohler Chrome P-Trap

And speaking of the P-Traps, pick a high quality chrome option as these will be visible in your bathroom. You don't want ugly PVC pipes ruining the look. Here's one by Kohler you can order with your sink.

Chicago Faucet 225-261ABCP Wash Sink Faucet 

Ok, now let's talk about faucets. The biggest complaints I see from shoppers who purchase the Kohler Brockway sink is that they have trouble finding faucets to go with it. Because this sink was intended as an industrial washbasin Kohler's faucet option, the Cannock Wash Sink faucet has a more industrial look with a rough finish. You might not like this - especially if you're using your sink in a children's bath. For a more refined option, many homeowners and builders opt for faucets from Chicago Faucets like this chrome option above.

Where to Get the Lowest Prices on Kohler

And lastly, if you're just wondering where to get the best price on Kohler sinks, faucets...and really all Kohler products check out the Kohler store on Amazon. This is where Kohler sells directly to consumers and I've found the prices are always lower here. So before you buy, compare your quotes to the prices on Amazon and check out the customer reviews and the Questions and answers from Kohler on the product pages on Amazon.

Did you install a Kohler Brockway sink in your bath? If so, let us know how it turned out in the comments section!

Monday, January 9, 2017

5 Modern Grey Bathroom Vanities (that won't break the bank!)

Modern Bathrooms are the Trend for 2017

Planning to update your bathroom in 2017? The trends that are hot right now include transitional grey finishes (think painted as well as rustic wood tones), integrated sinks for easy clean-up, square or rectangular basins and floating wall mounted style. Here are 5 vanities which fit the bill and will get you on your way to an updated bathroom - and increased home value - in 2017.

KubeBath Dolce Ash Grey Modern Vanity

 KubeBath Doce Ash Grey Vanity
KubeBath Dolce Vanity available at Amazon
Modern styling with a touch of rustic flair makes the KubeBath Dolce vanity in ash grey a great touch for an updated bathroom look. The wood veneer drawer and door fronts in an updated ash grey tone work perfectly with the white quartz countertop to create a sleek look with a certain warmth that comes from the wood tones.

The KubeBath Dolce vanity comes in an assortment of styles and finishes to complement any contemporary bathroom. Find them all here with Free Shipping from Amazon.

American Imaginations Modern Plywood-Melamine Vanity Set in Dawn Grey Finish

American Imaginations Melamine Vanity Set

This sleek vanity set from American Imaginations has great retro modern styling and an amazing price tag. The chromed legs and glossy melamine cabinet give it an art deco modern era appeal and the marble top and backsplash elevate the look to fit in a variety of settings.

Quality construction includes dove-tail joints and hidden drawer glides. A multi-layer 7-step stain finish enhances the grains of natural wood and gives it a luxurious look. Solid wood frame with no MDF or chipboard used. Order now on

Wyndham Collection Amare Vanity in Grey Oak

Wyndham Amare Floating Vanity

If you're looking to update a large bathroom in a midcentury home, or you just love midcentury style - look no further than the Amare vanity by Wyndham. This configuration includes a floating - wall mounted - vanity with plenty of storage as well as a mirrored medicine cabinet combo with shelving for a  complete bathroom suite look at an affordable price point.

The Wyndham brand is synonymous with quality and sustainability. You can also shop the wide range of their bathroom vanity styles- from modern to traditional online at

Kitchen Bath Collection Abbey Vanity in Charcoal

Kitchen Bath Collection Abbey Vanity in Charcoal
A solid transitional pick - the Abbey Vanity by KBC has a classic profile and subtle updates that make it the perfect piece for a modern bathroom makeover. The rectangular under-mount sink basin, marble counter top and rich painted wood finish in charcoal grey keep this piece on trend for the fashion forward home.

Kitchen Bath Collection has been selling bathroom vanities on Amazon for several years now and also sells these pieces through But to get the lowest prices and free shipping make sure you purchase it from Amazon.

The Abbey collection is available in multiple widths to fit any bathroom. Shop them all here.

ACF Italy 19 Inch Grey Oak Vanity Set

Even the smallest of bathrooms can get a modern update with this 19 inch wall mounted petite vanity set. The ACF Italy 19" Grey Oak Set includes a self-rimming ceramic sink and waterproof panels. A depth of less than 9" makes this the perfect vanity to place across from the door in a tight powder room and will solve even your most challenging bathroom layouts with modern style. 

Find the right Grey vanity for your space here? If not, shop these additional recommendations from Amazon: