Sunday, August 30, 2015

Top Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls, for Every Budget!

Perfect Gifts for the Hard-to-Please 7 Year Old Girl

Adorable Beanie Boos make the Perfect Gift for 7-year old girls!
Are you looking for a gift for a seven year old girl? If you are the parent of a seven year old - then you know how tough that can be, Go one way and your gift is too babyish for them, but too far in the other direction and you border on inappropriate.

Follow along for the 5 top no-fail gifts for 7 year old girls this year which will meet their grown-up sensibilities without being too mature or inappropriate.

TY Beanie Boos - An adorable, collectable, affordable delight

Seven year old girls may think they are cool, tough and mature, but there are still some things that can make them melt that are NOT part of a boy band. TY Beanie Boos are the latest collection of adorable plus animals that 7 year old girls can't seem to resist.

With their larger than life eyes, giving them the nickname "Big Eyes", and soft bodies, these little creatures have a sweet vulnerability that young girls can't resist. They love to collect them and bring them to each others houses for a "Big Eye" play date.

Plus, for under $10 they make a great stocking stuffer, or buy 2 or 3 for a surefire win of a birthday party gift.

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 Duct Tape Craft Kits

The latest craze for girls aged 6-12? Duct tape craft kits are everywhere. Make everything from bangle bracelets to wallets with cool kits that can be found on

Best of all...they are all well under $20 - and perfect for Birthday Party Gift Giving!

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LEGO Friends is Fun and Learning in One

Lego Friends - The Perfect STEM gift for girls
With a huge advertising push this year, there won't be many 7-year old girls who don't know about LEGO Friends. Pushed as a way to get girls interested in LEGO sets, these pieces provide both a construction challenge as well as an imaginative outlet with sets and characters ranging from Olivia's House, to Stephanie's Convertible, and best of all the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser.

Seven is the perfect age to get involved in LEGO sets for girls, as they finally have the motor and mechanical skills to put these sets together themselves, and gain a great deal of confidence in doing so.

These sets are collectable and all work together to create an entire world of LEGO for your girl's imaginative play.  

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