Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Perfect Go-To Gift for Tweens

My daughter just turned 9 years old and had a sleepover party with all of her friends. She got loads of gifts - but this was by far the best. In fact, while all of her friends were clowning around, doing cartwheels in my living room and refusing to go to bed, my daughter was sitting in her sleeping bag working on this journal.

Why Wreck This Journal Makes A Wonderful Gift for Girls and Pre-Tweens

Wondering what to buy a 9-year old girl, tween or pre-teen? Called by one reviewer as "The Cure to Perfectionsim", this journal which encourages its owner to "wreck" it in new and creative ways on each page encourages young girls - often prone to Type-A perfectionism from a young age - to color outside the lines. A great stress reliever, this book encourages a new type of creativity that is not promoted in school, or any of their after-school activities. No wonder why my daughter was so engrossed in it! I usually like to spend $20 on a birthday present from my daughter's friends, and the other big thing right now are Beanie Bos which usually cost about $9 at my local store. Buy both of these items on Amazon for around $16 total. Stock up for future birthday parties!