Monday, October 5, 2015

Vornadobaby Products from Vornado -- Safe, Efficient Heaters, Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

Vornadobaby products for the Nursery
As parents we worry about everything. Down to the air our children breathe. Is it clean enough? Warm enough? Humid enough? Luckily, we are not the only ones thinking about these issues. Vornado, long known as the leader in indoor portable heating and cooling, has recently introduced a new line of home appliances focused on keeping the air your baby breathes clean, conditioned and heated or cooled safely and efficiently.

The Vornadobaby line includes fans, portable heaters, humidifier and air purifier all with numerous safety features built in. Made with little hands in mind, controls lock, cords safely conceal, and grilles are finger resistant. Plus, these attractive appliances will look great in a nursery or any other room of your house and all of them make welcome practical baby shower gifts. With a 5-Year Happy Parents Guarantee you can't go wrong when you choose Vornado.

Read on to learn more about each product in this collection.

Heating Your Nursery of Child's Bedroom

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Vornado's Technology Circulates Air Throughout the Nursery
The Vornadobaby line includes two portable space heaters. Both have the patented Vornado air circulation which ensures even heating throughout the room, child-safe grill, a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and an automatic safety shut-off system.  The Vornadobaby Sunny CS Nursery Heater with Automatic Climate Control includes a sensor which can be placed on the crib to ensure that temperature is being controlled at the crib even when the heater is placed across the room. Find both of them on for the lowest online price and Free 2-Day shipping.

Vornadobaby Nursery Heater with Climate Control

A Safe Nursery Humidifier

Vornadobaby Safe, Stylish Humidifier

While humidifiers are a necessary fixture in most nurseries and children's rooms, they are also the appliance that parents most dread. Between hard-to-fill tanks, white dust particles in the air from hard water, and regular spills and leaks, many parents try to avoid buying a humidifier at all.

Vornadobaby solves these problems with their innovative Huey Nursery Evaporative Humidifier. This humidifier has a removable, refillable 32 oz. water bottle that fits under any faucet for easy refilling. The sensor gently pings when it is empty and signals you before then so you know when the water level is getting low. In case of accidental bumps and jostles, the Vornado Huey is built with a sturdy base that resists spills in most situations.

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Vornadobaby Huey, an innovative humidifier for the Nursery

An Efficient, Safe Air Purifier for Children's Room

Keep Baby's Air Fresh Year-Round with Purio True HEPA Air Purifier
Clean air is essential for good health. Especially when it comes to your baby. Year round, contaminants like dust, smog, pollen and pet hair can permeate the air in a room resulting in allergies, sinus infections and lost sleep. That's why many parents have found that having a HEPA air purifier which removes up to the smallest particles is a great investment in your child's healthy rest.

The Vornado Purio Nursery Purifier includes the same safety features as the rest of the Vornadobaby line, This product includes more useful features such as a Washable pre-filter to extend the life of your filter, activated carbon filtration which is great for removing odors including smoke and pets. and the True HEPA filtration removes 99.97% contaminates in rooms.

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The Vornadobaby Purio Air Purifier adds no sharp edges to the nursery

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